What Clients are Saying

Know what others have to say about Westport Educational Consulting.

"I can’t thank you enough for helping Ali.  Your words and corrections to her application essay were always encouraging and uplifting."


"Thank you for the time and attention you gave to Ella’s materials.  Your thoughtful feedback on her essays was especially helpful."


"Sara is right - she could not have done this without you. You really made the process SO less stressful at least for us. You two made a great team."


"Thanks so much Wendy! It has been an absolute pleasure working on these application essays with you!"


"I think you got a good sense of who my daughter is and what may be a good match for her. When we began this process, I was truly overwhelmed. I now feel like this process is doable, thanks to you."


"Thank you again for your guidance and support.  We never would have even considered this school without your help."


"You have been wonderful!  I did go to your college planning talk at the Freeport Library and it was very helpful. He followed everything you suggested regarding the essay and the supplemental questions. He applied Early Decision to Syracuse University and he was accepted.  Also he got a decent package of $40,000 - they met the expected family contribution. He is very pleased and it was a stretch school!"


"I believe you are a gifted, exceptionally caring communicator who connects with folks on a very individual, personal level Wendy, and this really comes through in any contact you have with students and their parents."


"Thank you for your speedy responses to Caroline’s questions and requests for essay reviews.  She has found your insights most helpful and it has helped her to feel more confident about her work and less stressed."


"Thank you so so much for all of your help. It made everything so much easier!!"


"I'm very excited about my decision to attend St. Lawrence!  Thank you very much for working with me throughout this process.  You've been so helpful! "


"Thanks for all your support!  You have really helped smooth Caroline’s emotional roller coaster."


"I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all you have done to bring clarity to the college selection process.  The questionnaires, email exchanges, and our meetings were so helpful in fine-tuning our thought process and guiding our conversations.  We are so very grateful to you for sharing your expertise with us."


"Words can’t express our appreciation for your guidance, expertise, and patience in assisting Peter-Owen with in the application process.  Many, many thanks.  It’s an exciting time for kids, but I also think one of much uncertainty as the begin to navigate the next stages of their lives.  You helped bring certainty to the table, not to mention peace to the family – he was willing to listen to an expert and your guidance helped us as parents better understand the process and our role.  Thank you so much."


"Thanks again for all your help.  I know he was stressed (and a bit of a challenge through all of this!) but it looks like things are really falling into place for him and he will have some excellent options to consider."

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