The College Investment

Read below to see the College Investment and Cost of College Counseling Services.

Wendy Thompson understands the complexities and challenges of the college investment and understands that planning for college includes some big questions:


How do I prepare to get into college?


Where should I go to college?


What does it really take to prepare a great application package?


How do I get the money to pay for college?


Wendy will focus on these and other questions that you have in regards to preparing for college. When a family actively engages with Wendy, there is a well-defined process by which Wendy helps you navigate the challenging and exciting journey from high school to college.


Parents and students may want to have an introductory meeting with Wendy, at the end of middle school to talk about the student’s high school career and course choices. At that meeting Wendy will explain her rates for ongoing consultation, as she tailors her services to meet the individual student’s needs.


College is a significant investment.  Taking advantage of Wendy’s extensive knowledge of college admissions is an investment in your son or daughter’s future.  Money spent in informed college planning will save you money down the road.


Because of Wendy’s expert advice and careful selection of colleges,  several of her recent clients received acceptances that included unsolicited offers of merit aid ranging from $20,000 to $35,000 per year, or over the four years of college $80,000 to $140,000 that the families will not have to pay. These families did not qualify for need-based aid; the offers for merit aid were incentives offered by the colleges to convince the student to come to their school.

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