College Search and Selection

Matching your strengths and talents to colleges meeting your criteria is the first step in the college search and selection process.

Does finding the right college seem fascinating or overwhelming? Do you know where to begin? Are you excited or nervous about the process?

Your search can be fun and interesting if you start it early in your high school career. This gives you time to build a strong academic and extracurricular program and to research colleges. Think about your strengths and interests and find colleges that meet your criteria. Instead of thinking “Where can I get in?”, think “Where would I thrive in and out of the classroom?”

Think about the level of challenge with which you are comfortable. Would you prefer a college where you are in the lower, middle, or higher end of their academic profile? Sometimes students overlook this and choose to attend the most competitive school which admits them, and this may not be the best choice.

I can bring structure, organization, and clarity to your college search, by creating a list of likely, target, reach colleges based on your strengths and talents and my knowledge of the current college admissions landscape. I can also help you decide which application plan (Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision) would be best for you.

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She has been feeling great about the work you have done with her so far. She isn’t stressed out at all and has mentioned that she has been enjoying the process. Thank you for making this a smooth process for us all!



Many, many thanks for shepherding us through those early months of the search—all the advice you gave has proved to be on the mark. We’ll keep you posted on the outcomes.



He is very proud of Notre Dame and as he talks with more friends over break, he is becoming increasingly aware of how special it is! We are so grateful for your help finding the right spot for him.