How do I determine what size school I want to attend?

When you first start to think about college and even before high school, visit a wide range of schools as far as size—small, medium, and large, whether you think you would ever apply to those colleges or not. Take advantage of opportunities to participate in summer college programs or events to learn more about what you like (and don’t like) about college life and what it’s like to navigate campuses of various sizes.

Trying colleges on will help you decide relatively quickly the size you prefer. Keep in mind how you learn best and what you hope to get out of your college experience. Also, don’t equate the size of your high school with the size of a college, as by their very natures, colleges may well have a broader mix of students in terms of socioeconomic and geographical backgrounds. A college of 1,800 students could feel larger than a high school of 2,500 students if it draws students from diverse backgrounds.

When it comes to your learning style and college size, ask yourself:

Would you be more comfortable in large (75 students or more) classes where you might not be called on or are you more of a participatory learner and want to be able to ask questions during class?

Is a personal atmosphere where you could connect with professors important to you or would you prefer to be more anonymous when it comes to your education? Do you want your professors to be easily accessible or is this not important to you?

If you are not sure about size, these articles may help you decide:

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